Highland Park Baptist Church

Fall 2014 Men's Schedule

Men's Tuesday Bible Study

Beginning September 9

6:30—7:30 AM
Fellowship Hall
I & II Thessalonians
Resource Study Guide: $6.00
Teacher: David Borror

Taking Turns
A Roadmap for Life in Christ

Who hasn’t been lost or confused or in need of directions? Even with the most reliable GPS as a guide, wrong turns are possible thereby impeding progress in moving toward our destination. Sometimes all we need is an affirmation that assures us that we are on the right road and headed in the right direction.

The young church at Thessalonica had made the foundational righteous turn. But, like us, they were becoming restless and impatient with the journey – some were simply in idle.

They needed a refreshed set of directions that would encourage them to keep moving and stay the course. Some needed personal redirection after several wrong turns – involving their beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors. They, like us, needed to follow the instructions that would help keep them from going off the road and even into a ditch – relying on a roadmap that would direct them along a path of faithfulness.

You will want to be a part of the encouragement, instruction, and challenge that is available from a weekly study of I & II Thessalonians, for men who are called to make righteous turns at the intersections of life. There is no need to be going the wrong way, if we just pay attention and follow the directions.

Please join the Men of Tuesday Morning for our fall Bible Study. We begin each Tuesday morning promptly at 6:30am and meet in Fellowship Hall. Enjoy the fresh morning coffee, bagels/doughnuts, Bible Study, encouragement, prayer, discussion, and friendship – all in one hour.


Men on Wednesday Nights

Beginning September 10

The Gospel at Work
How working for King Jesus gives purpose and meaning to our jobs

7:00 – 8:30pm
South Atrium
Resource Book: $13.00
Facilitator: Mike Thomas

In this popular and highly recommended new resource by Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert, readers will be challenged to find God’s vision for their job, and thereby reclaim His vision for their life. This study will help us unpack the powerful ways in which the gospel transforms how we do what we do at work, releasing us from the cultural pressures of both an all consuming devotion which leads to idolatry, or a punch-in, punch-out mentality that leads to idleness. Both extremes are deadly, and demonstrate a misunderstanding of how God intends for us to think about our employment.

Believing it is possible to find the freedom in a work ethic rooted in serving Christ, topics such as balancing work, family, and church responsibilities; how the gospel shapes our thinking about relating to our boss, coworkers, and employees; and the dangers of being motivated by money, are just a few of the topics to be covered in this six-session series.

Old Testament Story
On the way to Jesus the Messiah

Atrium Board Room
Teacher: Gordon Ainsworth

On a continuing journey through the Old Testament that points the way to Jesus as the Messiah, you will experience the same warmth that the disciples on the road to Emmaus felt as you witness Old Testament truth come alive in a unified picture.

The goal of the class is to develop a deeper walk of faith in the Lord Jesus by learning to worship the God who governs history.


Discipleship Groups

Our Men’s Ministry emphasizes growth through the community, encouragement, support, and accountability of small groups that provide a confidential & non-threatening environment.

Discipleship small groups, using the Navigator 2:7 series, meet at various times throughout the week.


Saturday Morning of Prayer

Beginning September 27

Last Saturday of the Month
8:00am - 12:00noon
Atrium Board Room

On each last Saturday of each month, there is opportunity to join with other men in spending extended time with God in prayer—away from the cell phone, email, and the pressure of life. Even if you can only attend for a couple hours, please feel free to participate.

Prayer begins as a large group. Men then go off separately throughout the church for several hours of prayer and reflection with the Lord. We have the material available to help guide this time alone with God. At the end of the morning, the group regroups to pray and share about the time of prayer and reflection upon God and His Word.

Bagels, Coffee and Juice are provided.


For further information on any of these Men’s Ministry ministries, please contact Mike Thomas at mikethomas57@yahoo.com, or Dave in the church office at dborror@highlandparkbaptist.com.