Highland Park Baptist Church

Life Groups

LifeGroups offer individuals the opportunity to get connected with others and learn how to apply God's wisdom to our everyday life. Just as iron sharpens iron, we can sharpen each other as we spend time together. Take it from the wisest man on earth, who said, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. Three are even better, for a triple- braided cord is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:9,10

Bloomfield Hills
Sundays @ 7:00pm

Prayer can change lives and circumstances like nothing else can. What are the keys that unlock its power, that turn prayer from a mere activity into a vital link with God and all his resources? In the study When God’s People Pray, Jim Cymbala, pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, shows you truths about prayer that God has used to turn his own church from a tiny, struggling inner-city congregation into a vital, thriving community of believers who pray with passion, focus, and faith. Paul & Lisa Fair invite you to this challenging study on the transforming power of prayer.

Mondays @ 7:00pm

What it would be like to have PERFECT faith? Jon & Ellen Strom invite you to join them for an exciting study, Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith, by Andy Stanley, that establishes the biblical case for five things God uses to grow an unshakable faith in you. Imagine how different your outlook on life would be if you had absolute confidence that God was with you. Imagine how differently you would respond to difficulties, temptations, and even good things if you knew with certainty that God was in all of it and was planning to leverage it for good.

Thursdays @ 7:00pm

In Beautiful Outlaw, John Eldredge removes the religious varnish to help readers discover stunning new insights into the humanity of Jesus. He was accused of breaking the law, keeping bad company, heavy drinking, even being the devil himself. In the author's winsome, narrative approach, he breaks Jesus out of the typical stereotypes, just as he set masculinity free in his book, Wild at Heart. By uncovering the real Jesus, you will be welcomed into the rich emotional life of Christ. This study will quicken readers' worship, and deepen their intimacy with Jesus. Men, please consider joining Aaron Bax on this journey that dives deeper into the heart of Jesus.

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