Highland Park Baptist Church

Missionary Prayer Requests


*Pray for Jim & Karen Getz (Navigators at MSU).  Jim had a slight heart attack this week and is in the hospital in Lansing. Tuesday evening he had a heart catherization and a stent put in one artery that was 90% blocked. The Dr.


*Brittany Bedford (Pioneer headed for West Africa) is happy that after 1 ½ yrs.


*Continue to pray for Steve & Marcia Strauss (former missionaries w/SIM), as he battles pancreatic cancer.


*Peter & Shanel Bishop (YFC in Detroit) are happy to announce the birth of daughter, Jasmine Marie, born Monday, 4/16, weighing in at 6 lbs., 1 oz.  Pray for them as Shanel recovers from a C-section and they are scheduled to participate in our GMF!  Send a note to: pete@yfcdetroit.org.


*Steve & Marcia Strauss, former missionaries w/SIM are thrilled to have another opportunity to return to Ethiopia this summer with a team of Dallas Seminary students and spouses.  They will spend June and July mentoring them in cross-cultural ministry.  Pray for them as they seek God for strength and wisdom for a strenuous 2 months of 24/7 ministry.&


*E.P.I. (Asia) asks for prayer as they are committed to leadership development in Asia.  Pray for Godly insight by the board and field directors.  Pray for safe travel for their personnel that will travel thousands of miles through a land with ever changing security situations.  Pray for innovative strategies, material and delivery systems for their


*Joshua Javery (SEND in Poland) asks for prayer that he will be able to get “registered” in his flat with proper paperwork soon.  He needs to leave a legitimate paper trail which will help him in a year when he needs to renew his Visa.  He has been placed in what he thinks is an appropriate placement for language class, but asks for prayer as he struggle


*Pray for J.B. (Interaction Int’l.


*Pray for Jeff & Mary Baldwin (GEM in Greece) as Greece is experiencing massive strikes due to parliament attempting more austerity measures in dealing with their financial woes.  The country seems to be at a standstill in many ways.  Jeff recently read an article indicating that 90% of analysts predict that Greece will go bankrupt before March.


*Pray for the SALT India Women’s Team as they leave Friday and the Men’s Team as they return on Sunday.