Highland Park Baptist Church


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*  Tim & Martha Matzke  (Wycliffe in Solomon Islands) are wearing 4 hats at once in addition to their jobs in Literacy (Tim) and Communications (Martha) - they are also serving as directors of their group.  At the moment, they do not have an Operations Manager to handle the day to day tasks of keeping their group going.  Please pray for strength and wisdom for them as they carry a heavy work load.  Pray that someone could be found to come and help with the operations and lighten the workload.  Tim is working on the multi-lingual education project.  Once funding is released from the Solomon Islands Government, Tim will head out to the provinces to train the teachers who will be teaching the materials.  Martha recently spent a couple of days completing import documents for the Kwio New Testaments.  They are looking forward to traveling to the island of Malaita to attend the launch of the New Testament on Easter weekend.  Please pray for their daughter, Emily, that she would be able to find a job and a way to go back to school.

*  Brian & Megan Meyers (WorldVenture in Mozambique) are enduring a power crisis that is affecting the central region of Mozambique - sporadic power cuts are drastically affecting the economy, access to email, water supply and the ability to sleep.  It is reported that it may take up to two years to completely resolve.  Despite the heat and darkness, the second "This Is My Body" medical student conference happened.  Here are some of the bright spots:  a student deciding to maintain sexual purity until marriage, a student bringing his girlfriend to the Bible study and a student sensing that God has a "calling" for his life.

*  Mark & Marie Tabar (Pioneers in Thailand) are thanking the Lord that they found a church that meets in a house less than 1 km from theirs.  They have a lot of fun practicing Thai as they "gin cow" (eat dinner) with them after service.  One lady and the pastor speak enough English so that they can communicate pretty well.  Abbie, Kobe and Sam (three of their children) have gone with other members of their team to a nearby village to help with a community outreach.  They are trying to development relationships while playing games and sharing lunch together.  They are thankful for your prayers about a helper for their younger children.  God has prompted a 22 year old Thai believer to move in with another American family on their team in their neighborhood.  She will be caring for the children in the mornings while Mark & Marie have language classes.  Continue to pray for their family, especially for unity among the siblings.  Please pray specifically for Katie who struggles the most.

*  Peter & Shanel Bishop (YFC in Detroit) enjoyed a great time celebrating Youth For Christ's 70th anniversary in Chicago where they unveiled a new branding campaign.  It was refreshing to meet up with other workers from around the country doing youth ministry to the forgotten and misplaced.  Please pray for them to reach their goals as they begin preparations for camps and life changing trips this upcoming summer.  Please also pray for their family, as both Peter and Shanel have completed their first semester of school (Shanel pursuing her Doctorate and Peter pursuing a certificate in Urban Youth Ministry).

*  Ade & Jenni Olowotanran (GCM in TX) were able to travel to Indianapolis for an Ignite Conference,  This conference happens every other year to encourage both staff and students they are reaching to live their lives on fire for the Lord.  They had 60 people come from Fellowship Church on a tour bus from across the country.  Ade's homegroup had their semester kick-off party and are looking forward to a semester filled with discipleship, evangelism and deepening relationships.  Jenni is helping mentor/coach two girls and short-term mission teams are being formed.  Ade and Jenni will be leading a team of 11 to Nigeria.

*  Trevor Cuffe (GCM in Ann Arbor) is praising God for a successful retreat in February.  They had nearly 400 people in attendance, including 33 from his area of the campus.  At least one person was saved and several of the students who came are unbelievers.  Pray for Trevor as he leads a new Greeklife men's small group this semester that has grown from 3 to 5 participants.  They have found it much more difficult to reach  men in Greeklife than women.  Pray for Rudy, a new member their group, who does not follow Jesus, but has been coming almost every week.  Trevor is helping lead a trip to El Salvador and is real excited to see how God moves.  Pray for the participants as well as the people they will be helping.