Highland Park Baptist Church


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*Pray for Dale & Vicky Bishop (YFC in Detroit).  Vicky had 3 biopsies last week to check for breast cancer and found out this week that results came back positive.  Pray for wisdom and peace as they make medical appts. for the best course of treatment.  Send a note of encouragement to yfcdetroit@aol.com.

 *Pray for Boys & Girls Bible Clubs (Detroit area) as they prepare for their Spring brunch on Friday, April 25, at HPBC at10 am. and tickets are $15 each.  Call 248-355-9916 for reservations.  Pray for receptive hearts among students and their families as Easter lessons are presented.  PTL for insurance that helped repair a bad leak in the ceiling from a torrential downpour in Jan.  They are looking for plastic boxes with straight sides in a dimension that seems to be non-existent.  Pray as they try to recover and make up for lost time.

*P.O. (Asia) asks for prayer as her roommate looks for someone to rent her room while P. is on home assignment.  P. also needs a car while she is home and staying in the mission apts., from May 19 – Aug. 18.  Call Loosha in the Global Ministries office (248-357-5464 ext. 228) if you can help!

*Lisa Johanon of CDC (Detroit) asks for prayer for Brenda, one of their Peaches & Greens employees.  She is still hospitalized and in tremendous pain.  Amputation of her foot is being delayed because of other medical problems.  Pray for the finances of CDC to improve so that programs will not have to be cut.  Pray for protection—last week a mentally unstable woman tried to burn down one of their buildings two days in a row.  The neighborhood pointed her out to the firefighters and insisted they call arson.  Arson came out, but did not arrest her.  Pray for Rick to come back to Jesus. 

*Pray for Scott & Hanne Larson (Straight Ahead Ministries in MA).  Pray for 2 days of meetings they will have in Washington DC with several people around the design of an Institute of Juvenile Justice Ministries.  Next month they will take 20 people to Haiti to work in the jail ministry they established there 3 yrs. ago.  They are taking 9 of their youth who have come up through the ministry—pray as they all prepare for this trip.  Pray for Scott’s mom, Sharon, whose liver and kidneys are failing.  Pray that she will make it until they and their children are able to be there in MN this month and in June.

*B.B. (Africa) asks for prayer for her teammate who is leaving early for home assignment due to an uncle’s death.  She is flying out Thursday for the U.S. and an earlier H.A. than her summer plans.  Pray for the time remaining in this term for B. to make another trip to Jag village to share Bible stories, and that God would prepare a person of peace to facilitate that.  B. is thankful to have recovered quickly from another round of malaria. 

*Suzy Grumelot (World Team in France) asks for prayer as she travels across the U.S. for 2 months catching up with supporters she missed last year.  Pray for safety, stamina and good connections as she goes from IN to SC and CA to OH and Canada!  Pray for Anne as she recuperates from thyroid surgery last month.  Pray for Jo as she leads a Bible study which should run through May.  Pray for the Paris church plant—now seeing 15-25 most Sundays, which is encouraging by French standards.  Pray for the concerts they are organizing for Good Friday and Easter service outreaches.

*Pray for the Philippine STMT (Doug Bell, Dan & Diane Kanneth, Carol Schuldt, Rick Weingartner and Marilyn Young), as they teach values in the community, college tutoring and V.B.S.  Pray for J. & C. K. as they host this team.