Highland Park Baptist Church


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*  J. & M. R. (Netherlands) thank you so much for praying for their health (M. had been battling sinusitis) in the midst of  planning their Easter program.  God is answering and giving her better health.  Please pray for their time in the U.S. as they attend their daughter's commencement to receive her Master's degree at Wayne State University.  They will also be traveling to see their son so they are requesting prayer for safety on the roads and some time to get much needed rest.  Pray for wisdom for M., particularly, as she launches discipleship meetings with some new women who attend the church in the Netherlands.

*  A. W. (Asia) is asking prayer for her husband's Green Card Process.  Normally, the entire process takes 6-9 months, but they have now been waiting almost 8 months and they haven't even received their decision for the first step.  Also, pray that all of the steps that come after this would be miraculously fast and that her husband will get his green card by the end of the summer.  Because of some health reasons, A. needs to return to the States by late August and if her husband doesn't get his visa by then, she will have to return alone which they obviously don't want at all.  They would also like to attend their Mission agency's conference in July.  Pray for openness and good conversations with friends.  Her husband has been attending an English course; please pray for him as he learns English.  Pray for their Bible study on Sunday nights that more people would start coming and be consistent.

*  Susan Steele (home on assignment) pray for healing and wisdom as Susan will not be returning to Russia.  Pray for doors to open for future ministry and for her extended time in the U.S. connecting with family and supporters.

*  T. J. (short-termer in North Asia) requests prayer for term 3 which is now in full swing.  The temperatures are rising and the students are getting restless.  She asks for peace at the school, as everyone is getting anxious about summer vacation.  Pray for wisdom for the teachers so they know when to be firm and when to extend grace.  She is also in need of a car for transportation.  It would be more financially responsible to purchase a car since she feels that God is calling her to be there long term.  Pray for wisdom and peace during the Master's application process.  Pray that she would plan well and get to connect with the people who have been faithful in partnering with her as she travels this summer in the U.S.

*  Joe & Jeannie Ciluffo (Camino Global in Pontiac) request prayer for their ministry that is full of people with needs - economic, family, emotional, physical and obviously spiritual.  Some are legitimate and some are consequences of a series of ongoing foolishness.  It can be very draining and tiring.  Pray that God gives them a larger dose of compassion.  Pray also for Alberto.  They do see some light at the end of the tunnel.  He now has health insurance and is seeing a different neurologist for his brain tumor.  This doctor has given them some real encouragement.  Pray too for a new couple God has brought their way - Juan Antonio and Yessenia with their little Anthony from El Salvador.

*  John & Debbie Clifton (Wycliffe in FL).  John is now working through piles of recordings and other data collected during his time in the South Caucasus.  The work can be tedious, preparing lists of words that can be used in literacy classes.  The academic workshop he led was well received.  Pray these links would result in increased involvement in local communities.  As a result of a series of meetings exploring options for needs-assessment work in restricted areas, they have come up with a strategy.  Continue to pray for John as he works with the team via email and Skype.  Debbie continues to help students prepare for classes this summer.  John and Debbie will be teaching a course on language and culture documentation this summer.  This is the first time it has been offered at the North Dakota training program.  Pray for clarity, as they work to develop it, especially as they decide what topics would be most helpful for students who will use it in language development and translation projects.  This is also the first time they've taught a course together, so pray for a good working relationship.  Pray for their support level - they will be losing about 10% of their current support.