Highland Park Baptist Church


Chapter 5: Servant Kings

Series Dates: 
December 8, 2013 - January 12, 2014

Servant kings were to lead Israel under the authority of God the King. Portrayed through the lives of David and Solomon, they were to lead the people in obedience to God through their personal devotion to God. They composed songs, taught wisdom for living, and strove to honor the High King through their rule as servant kings.

Sermons in this Series
Title Date Description
David and Goliath December 8, 2013 Brent Slater Preaching
King, not High King December 15, 2013 Brent Slater Preaching
When Kings Fall January 5, 2014 Brent Slater Preaching
Building Houses January 12, 2014 Brent Slater Preaching
The Temple January 19, 2014 Brent Slater Preaching