Highland Park Baptist Church

Missionary Prayer Requests


*Pray for Don & Esther Parsons (SEND in MI) as they travel this week to PA for Don’s grandmother’s funeral who passed away at 102 yrs. old last Sat.


*Pray for Joshua Javery (SEND in Poland).  Josh has worked in a variety of English Christian summer camps with Jr. & Sr.


*Pray for C.D.C. and Lisa Johanon in Detroit.  They had 180 students come on Monday for their first day of day camp.  Oakpointe Church is helping them this week.  Pray for strength and protection as they serve.  Pray for a date to get set soon for a hearing with the City of Detroit for CDC’s Farm & Fishery.  Pray for Teri to find


*Pray for Ron & Marcia Baker (on loan to HCJB in TX) as they consider moving options due to health issues – possibly AZ in a retirement center, which has extended care and memory care and is also closer to HCJB radio stations; or TN where 2 sons and 6 grandkids live.  They realize that at age 75, they should possibly think about retiring…though they


*  Lisa Johanon and Central Detroit Christian request prayer for (1) the Hughes family as their grandmother was killed, (2) the group of sexually abused women who work in their garden as part of their healing therapy that God would heal them real good, (3) Katherine, Parenting with a Purpose Assistant, as she seeks guardianship of her mother, (4) Jerry &


*Pray for Dave & JoAnn Loewen (retired in MI) as Dave is in the hospital after spending several days to treat a staph infection following a kidney stone procedure last Thursday.  He will continue to need IV antibiotics for two weeks and is in quite a bit of pain.  Hopefully, he will be able to come home today.  Encourage them at: 


*Glenn & Linn Boese (WorldVenture in Ivory Coast) ask for prayer as Linn left yesterday for Africa, but Glenn had to stay behind to undergo 4-5 weeks of physical therapy for intense knee pain.  Fortunately, the doctor did not think surgery would be necessary.  Pray for Linn as she flies solo and prepares for board meetings, catches up on copy editing


*Pray for Lisa Johanon (CDC in Detroit) as she recuperates from surgery on Feb.


*Pray for Kirk & Laura Slater (WorldVision in Uganda).  A few years ago a church planting push resulted in 20 churches planted on the north side of Kampala (capital).  Sadly, there was no corresponding effort to train or equip pastors or lay leaders for these churches.  They are very excited to have been invited to partner with Kampala Bapt


*Pray for Scott & Lorna Muha (TEAM on home assignment from Spain) as Lorna recuperates from a biopsy she had last week for suspicious spots found on a mammogram.  She is thankful to report “benign” results!  Pray for them as they will be traveling a lot in the next few weeks.  Pray that their car will work well and they will make good conne