Highland Park Baptist Church


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*Scott & Lorna Muha (TEAM in Spain) ask for prayer for Lorna who came through surgery well on Monday.  The pathology report has not ‘officially’ come in yet, but initial findings are that the cancer cells were contained and not spread.  The reconstruction surgery was postponed for several months due to a problem finding good veins and arteries.  They were so encouraged by all the prayers and notes, and ask for continued prayer as she recuperates and wisdom for any further treatment that may be required.  Encourage them at smuhahahas@gmail.com.    

*Andy & Holly Rist (SEND in Ukraine) ask for prayer for God to bring peace to the nation of Ukraine and safety to the people.  (Check the BBC news for the latest in the political unrest there.)  Pray that many will be personally open to God and turn their hearts to salvation.  Pray for wisdom for the church as they respond during this time of deep crisis.  Pray that the renewal of the Rist’s temporary residence permits will not be delayed by the unrest and turmoil in gov’t. offices…they are planning on coming to MI this June for a 3 mo. home assignment.

*Pray for Susan Steele (Wycliffe in Russia) as she has returned to MI for a couple of months to get some resolution to health issues that she has been dealing with for the past few months.  Encourage her at susan_steele@sil.org.

*Pray for Jenna Kuntzman (pre-field w/SEND).  She currently has around 2/3s of financial support promised and is anxious to join her team in Asia when she is at 100%.  Pray for her Second Language Acquisition training from March 31 – April 26th

*P.O. (Central Asia) asks for prayer as she is away this week in Thailand for her yearly PI Conference.  Pray for safety in traveling and encouragement as they serve one another, and are challenged from God’s Word.

*Pray for Don & Esther Parsons (SEND in MI) as Don travels to Europe.  Pray for wisdom as his group discusses global evangelization.  Pray for Rebekah as she returns to Costa Rica to complete her studies at the Torchbearers Bible School on Monday.  Pray for Tim as he prepares for a short-term missions trip to Jamaica Feb. 15-22.

*Will & Nan Grant (MAF in Asia) ask for prayer as they travel home this week to Washington for delivery of Baby #2!  This Baby Boy is ‘scheduled’ to arrive in March and Lord willing, they will be with us in May for our GMF.

*Glenn & Linn Boese (WorldVenture in Ivory Coast) are encouraged to see more people coming to Jesus in the villages and a new outreach begun by Pastor Pekaly in the village of Poulo.  Linn is thankful for the addition of Tenidihe to the translation team as literacy promoter.  Pray as they begin to translate the Psalms.  Pray for Glenn as he helps to facilitate a Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshop in French in Burkina Faso Feb. 2-7.  Pray that the national workers attending will grow in their understanding and have their ministries made more effective as a result.