Highland Park Baptist Church


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*J. & M. R. (Netherlands) ask for prayer for Shula who has Crone’s disease, recently delivered a baby, and was hospitalized for an abdominal infection.  She has been home for a couple weeks and is very tired and somewhat depressed.  She has no more infection, but needs to eat more protein to help get her strength built up again and get the right balance of medications.  Pray that she will continue to sense God’s presence in this healing process.  Pray for M. as she recovers from an accident on her bike—sensitivity in the ribs and ankle.  Pray for her as she disciples several women one-on-one, that God will give her great wisdom and that these women will pursue God whole heartedly.  They are thankful that Varusha passed her re-examination with flying colors!  Pray for wisdom as they seek God’s direction planning for their Easter outreach. 

*Amos & Ashley Miguel (Cru in Italy) are thankful that God has recently opened a door for ministry among refugee women.  Ashley has helped host events where refugee women and their children have come and are inviting their friends.  Pray for new insights and wisdom with how to effectually share the Gospel with refugees.  Pray for new students who have shown much spiritual interest – C., M., A. and P.  They are thankful that God has provided the Italian documents that they need for life and ministry in Rome—usually very complicated to obtain.

*Pray for Jim & Karen Getz (Navigators at MSU).  Karen recently fell when a chair wasn’t there for her to sit in and x-rays indicated a mild compression fracture of the L1 part of her lower spine.  The Dr. indicated that the fracture would heal on its own and that an injection would not be necessary.  Pray for her continued progress.  Pray for 2 young men, T. and T., as they apply for career positions in the university context.  Pray for their two discipleship Bible study groups as they focus on studies related to God’s heart for reaching a lost world—teaching their int’l. friends to write out their personal journey stories and learn a simple Gospel presentation.

*Pray for Eric & Melissa Lundquist (TEAM in Austria).   Pray for God’s leading in a possible building project, with church space, in the Seestadt—that it would best fit the needs of the people and encourage healthy church ministry.  Pray for their team unity and growth through the Team Seestadt group.  Pray for spiritual growth in Melissa’s weekly Bible study group.

*Roy & Delthea Anderson (ANAM in AZ) ask for prayer as they head up starting a missions program at their new non-denominational church that started 4 yrs. ago in Whittenberg.   Pray for energy and wisdom as he continues to work at the Indian Bible College in Flagstaff, helping the chairman get the college accredited.  Though they both turn 80 this year, there are still too many things on the horizon to retire!

*Pray for CDC and Lisa Johanon in Detroit.  Pray for their new youth director, Nykeya, and for Abduhl, as he revamps their tutoring program for high school students.  They are thankful that the city wants to award them another $1,000,000 in Neighborhood Stabilization Program funding to renovate 8 housing units.  Pray for the CDC staff as they take big steps in discipleship this season.  They are grateful to see some doors opening up with some employers and a handful of people becoming gainfully employed, but the unemployed community is vast and the journey is long.  Pray for the successful startup of CDC’s Farm & Fishery where they are raising Tilapia and legal herbs.  It is becoming harvest time for the plant life and by May 1st, the fish will be ready for sale.

*Pray for David Schmitke (GCM in Ann Arbor), as he and Rebecca lead a marriage small group for young married couples.  Pray that the couples will grow in their understanding of marriage and living as a Christian in the post-college environment, which can sometimes be a difficult transition to make.  David is thankful that at a recent Core Retreat week-end where over 450 attended, God called more students to full-time college ministry.  New Life Church is looking ahead to a vision of growing their staff team as they seek to plant 10 churches on 10 college campuses by 2020.