Highland Park Baptist Church


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*Flossie Battishill (age 93) passed away on Sat. night.  The funeral will be at her church in Roseville (Cornerstone Baptist Church, 17017 – 12 Mile Rd.) on Friday, 4/4, at 2 PM.  Visitation will be from 1-2. 

*A.H. (MI) asks for prayer for this week as he is in Arkansas to teach the Perspectives course.  There will be a high concentration of college students.  Pray for strength, stamina, health, safety in travel and appropriate rest.

*B.B. and Compassion Evangelical Hospital-Dwight & Debbie Slater (Guinea) both ask for prayer as their country battles the Ebola virus that is becoming epidemic in numbers.  B. is supposed to travel to the U.S. soon and is hoping that this will not alter her travel plans.  Doctors Without Borders, who have experience working with Ebola in other countries released a report yesterday saying…’Guinea faces an Ebola epidemic on an unprecedented scale…scattered across several locations that are hundreds of kilometers apart.’  Because it is one of the world’s most lethal infectious diseases with a fatality rate of up to 90%, this virus is usually contained early on.  This has not been possible in Guinea, as it has spread to at least 5 different counties and to neighboring countries of Sierra Leone and Senegal.  No known vaccine or cure exists to combat the virus.  Pray for the safety of the CEH staff and family as they face this situation.  March 31st, CEH medical personnel treated a first SUSPECTED case at the hospital.  Pray for wisdom in treating patients, wise judgment to protect their own health and their families’ health, for God to be known in the midst of this medical storm.  Pray for the preparation to install a new solar panel electrical system at CEH.  Currently, they spend over $1,000/mo. on fuel to produce the daytime electricity the hospital needs, and cannot run this thru the night.  They are also still waiting for proper repairs to be completed on the new portable X-ray sent in Dec.—parts have to come from the US.  Pray that God will resolve these issues.

*Pray for Tim & Martha Matzke (Wycliffe in Solomon Islands) as they address a conflict at an organizational and personal level between some of the members of the Bible translation organizations there.  Pray for a couple coming from Australia to help facilitate this reconciliation process.  Pray those individuals would be able to share and release their past hurts, and that a deeper love and understanding for one another would result.  Pray for wisdom for Tim & Martha as they take a lead role in the process.

*Pray for T. & L. S. (western Asia).  Pray for peaceful elections happening in Afghanistan on April 5, as this could directly affect many of their staff.  There are threats of terrorist actions leading up to the elections and potential unrest after.  Pray for peace and a good transition to the new gov’t.  Pray for their regional Mgr.’s conference as they strategize and pray together looking into the next year.

*N. & S. G. (Asia) ask for prayer for safety for flying 30 flights (45,000 pounds) of newly published Scriptures into two different people groups.  Pray that these people will love the Word and anchor themselves in it.  Pray for Yajasi Board meetings this week.  Please continue to pray for S. as she has battled with health issues – sleeping problems, lack of stability with her heart, malaria and other bugs and viruses.

*Pray for the Philippine STMT (Doug Bell, Dan & Diane Kanneth, Carol Schuldt, Rick Weingartner and Marilyn Young), as they are commissioned on Sunday and leave April 10th for 2 ½ weeks.  Pray for Spirit led service as they teach values in the community, college tutoring and V.B.S.  Pray for J. & C. K. as they host this team.  They are thrilled to report that the 11 yr. journey for justice of Brother R has come to an end with a judge’s “not guilty” verdict!  Rejoice with them!   

Congratulations to Will & Nan Grant (home assignment from Asia) as they welcomed the birth of son, Bennett William on March 15th!  They will all be with us next month for GMF!

We have car needs for 2 missionaries:  Will & Nan Grant (+ 2 small children) who will be in MI for a few weeks in May (here for our GMF, too!) and P.O. who will be in the mission apts. from mid-May – mid-August.  Call Loosha in the Global Ministries office (248-357-5464 ext. 228) if you can help!